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The book Erin’s Favorite Person is a great read for children of all ages. It really touches on normalizing feelings and emotions and making it acceptable to talk about negative feelings and emotions. My 3 year old daughter loves to read this book together, as well as my 6 year old niece. It is a great family read. 


Keep up the great work!

Review Date: 2/13/2021


Corinna House LCSW CADC
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor




"Erin's New Favorite Person" is a book that everyone can benefit from. This book includes so many resources on Mental Health, which is huge in America. I've never read a book to my children where I actually became emotional while reading. I can't wait until the next one!" 


-Orpheneke Raymond-Parent

Review Date: 5/12/2020



"Awesome story with great information to help families deal with coping and mental health.Also, great for educators to always know and observe the changes in their students." 


-Fatimoh Timoh-Teacher 

Review Date: 5/6/2020






"I think "Erin's New Favorite Person" is a truly amazing book. The author presented her points with such ease and it's so easy to follow. The story flows so nicely. I also loved the glossary. Every grammar school and kindergarten classroom should have this book!"


-Biljana Kasum-Mental Health Therapist

Review Date:6/1/2020



"Erin's New Favorite Person is a wonderful book that not only talk about our youth and getting them comfortable with meeting a counselor, it encourages youth to talk to someone who is able to help them sort through their feelings. The author did a wonderful job at providing readers with information on the different types of Mental Health Professionals and how they best help our young adults."


-Binghamton City Councilwoman Angela Riley


Review Date:



Coloring Book Reviews


I just love this book!! It's so relatable and informative. Just keeps the attention of not only the reader but the audience as well. My daughter loves the story and is now inspired to write her own book. Thank you again for giving us something fun and worthy of reading!! Great Job for sure!!


Cariel Jones




Erin & Friend’s coloring and activity book had me and all 4 of my kids engaged. The book had us coloring and talking about the different emotions and it’s meaning. We talked about emotions that I didn’t know they felt, I learned a lot and so did my kids Get the book!!


Tatiana Scott 


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