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“Girl Without A Country” is a book full of poems that speaks to the SOUL. Each poem is filled with words of wisdom, passion, and realness. The writer’s words are unapologetic and very well spoken. My favorite poem is “My Blackness”. This poem inspires and motivates me to be proud of WHO I AM, to embrace MY BLACKNESS, embrace MY CULTURE, and MY CARAMEL SKIN. This book is an amazing read and highly recommended!

--Martina Jackson

In this raw edition, a biography of sorts, Mrs. Jones gives a stifling yet encouraging vision to many people that fight with the racism and prejudices simply due to the color of their skin. In this poem style she gives her personal accounts of being African American and going through the internal and external power that be to survive throughout her life’s journey. In title she acknowledges what many African American and other that have been stripped of their cultural identities struggle with, identifying their “true roots” and connecting it to their current existence in America. Here, Mrs. Jones then gives her audience an opportunity to give some thought to the societal norms that exclude African Americans and other people of color from the “American Dream”. In these writings she captures the anger and frustration suffered working toward “The American Dream” from a “African American” perspective. This was followed by encouraging words of hope, encouragement and resiliency that can inspire those that have and may currently be experiencing some of these same barriers that were structured in racism. If you enjoy reading about how “African American” people continue to struggle and are so resilient that they also prevail, this is a great book to add to your collection of African America literature.

-Adriana Butcher, LPC

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